Kia is not the first car company to have realised the potential in sound branding, a few months back now, soundlounge also wrote extensively about Audi going the extra mile to use the sound of just the engine of an Audi R8 model in their advertising.

They were one of the first car manufacturers to appreciate that their cars have a unique sound DNA and that library sounds of doors and engines just didn’t provide a match.

So now we note that car manufacturer Kia is making a bold step into examining their sound branding strategy with a bespoke musical composition that will act as a ‘sonic signature’ for their range. A composition entitled ‘The Rise of Surprise’ was created to describe the company as vibrant, distinctive and reliable.

The sound, ( which comprises a classy tone, upbeat rhythm and calming melody, will be integrated into Kia’s first full-electric models made for overseas customers and will play on start-up of the car – much like the now infamous tone that Apple computers make when switched on.

Away from the driving seat, the new signature sound will be modified to suit a variety of customer touch points. These include TV commercials, mobile ring-back tones, digital applications, customer service call centres, and company websites.

Ike Kwon, Director of Global Brand Strategy Group at Kia Motors Corporation said: “We have been putting tremendous effort into creating sonic branding with a unified signature sound that delivers Kia’s distinctive brand identity to our customers.”

soundlounge agrees, “10 years ago, when we first tabled the idea that we should be able recognise a brand by what how it sounds, people thought we were the ‘nutta on the bus’. It’s real progress to see that brands are really starting to embrace sound branding and creating sonic signatures is a great start.