Don’t you just love award ceremonies? All the dressing up and recognition for creativity is fun but underneath is it a chance to discuss all the winners and to suggest some unknown indie film that should have picked up a prize?

Coming up in May and June are the Cannes Lions, D&AD and CLIO ad awards.  As Music Supervisors we are always looking at how music is used. There are some great people out there choosing, writing and producing music,  but have you ever noticed that while production, direction, and visual effects  awards are in abundance, music is only briefly (if ever) mentioned?  We hear all the time that sound is 50% of the experience , and yet of the three upcoming  advertising award ceremonies  only the CLIO awards gives recognition to the importance of music which include Music Adaptation, Music Licensed and Music Original. covering the three main uses of music in adverts.

To jog your memory, here are some of 2010’s winners of the CLIO music awards:

Gold award for Original Music went to an advert for Tierschutzbund:

A Bronze award for Music Adaptation went to the “Lost Barrel” ad for Jameson Whiskey:

A Bronze award for Music Licensed went to the BBCs “Local Radio” advert:

Whilst all three of these adverts are visually and creatively impressive, it’s great to see the music being recognised as a key element to the adverts’ success.

So, who are the one’s to watch (or should that be listen) for this year’s awards? Well, we’re putting our money on Lynx’s “Fallen Angels” for the Music Adaptation award. Using the track “Sexy Boy” by Air is obviously a perfect match for Lynx due to the lyrics. The real insight comes into play with the adaptation of this track, which turns the electronic original into an angelic choral piece to work brilliantly on all levels:

As mentioned above, CLIO’s music categories are a good start, but there are plenty of areas in music use that are not mentioned and play a key role in the success of a campaign. So, how about the best band/brand collaboration where adverts like the Fiat featuring Faithless ad,  or more recently the Heineken ad featuring Asteroids Galaxy Tour (“The Entrance”) get the recognition they deserve?

But who’s behind them?  An award for best Music Supervisor would give a chance for the industry to reveal who is hot at their job and on the pulse. Who gets your vote? Over the next few months we will be selecting our favorites- happy to include yours…

Matt Lee, Music Supervisor