What a night our next ‘An Evening with Bob’ promises to be!

For those that don’t know, soundlounge is hosting a monthly ‘An Evening with Bob’ discussion series at the Century Club, where established guest speakers from the music and advertising industries talk all things music to picture with our Music Consultant, Whispering Bob Harris OBE.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting next week’s panellist and Music Supervision royalty Matt Biffa (‘Harry Potter’, ‘Sex Education’, and ‘End of The F**king World’, etc) in preparation for next week’s event.

Matt Biffa and some rather cute dogs…

Matt, if I say so myself, is absolutely amazing in his craziness, and I could listen to his stories for hours. Our 90-minute meeting flew by as we chatted about his pathway into the supervision industry and what he’s experienced since joining Air-Edel back in the nineties. We don’t want to give too much away, as all will be revealed next week, but be prepared to hear about Matt’s love of Tim Buckley, Jarvis Cocker’s enthusiasm for Wizard Rock, the process of choosing music for films, and Matt’s relationship with film directors throughout this process. It will be absolutely fascinating to hear him, a self-proclaimed music anorak, in conversation with our very own music oracle Whispering Bob Harris OBE.

Jarvis Cocker and The Weird Sisters, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

For music and film fans alike, our evening with Matt and Bob next Wednesday will be an exciting chance to get inside the heads of two of the best in the biz and discover the stories behind your favourite film music.

It’s not too late to join the guest list for next Wednesday. Please email kerry@soundlounge.co.uk if you’d like to attend, and in the meantime you can head to the website to find out more about the next week, as well as all the upcoming sessions. See you there!

James Carnell, Licensing & Marketing Assistant