Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes, are not two names that I would generally link with Rock Music or street language. I am a massive fan of Jack Black and have seen the film School of Rock three times! So when it was suggested that ‘me and him indoors’ go to see School of Rock at the New London Theatre I went with more than a hint of cynicism to see what David Fynn would make of the part.

Call me old fashioned but I like my rock dirty. As the show opened up I was met by an orchestra-band that were musicians playing rock, not rock musicians playing music. There is such a difference and this was not a good sign. Then David Fynn exploded onto the stage and there he remained for the entire show except for the interval.

His energy is spell binding and contagious. There are actually three children’s casts who rotate. Don’t even have to see the others to know that they must be as amazing as the team that I saw. These kids are brilliant musicians – rockers playing from the gut. They can act too. With a very captivating performance by Florence Andrews as Rosalie Mullins, this performance is well worth the cost of the tickets.

If you are looking for two and half hours of sheer joy and great music this is one for you. If you go with kids, don’t be surprised if they come out singing ‘Stick it to the Man’ with an attitude that may need some parental guidance for a few days after the show. Have fun! #schoolofrockUK