Money In Music

A new short documentary, commissioned by Jack Daniels in Australia, is examining how the musicians feel about partnering with brands. The film-maker, Dan Graetz, founder of Graetzmedia, said that he had built a company that made music videos to help those with very little money compete with artists backed by major labels – but that this was not at all lucrative.

When he was approached by Jack Daniels to make a film he decided to turn the camera onto the artists and make a film called ‘The Truth About Money In Music.’

“If there was a way for them and creatives like me to occasionally make a better living without compromising it would be cool to see what that looks like,” he said.

Dan interviewed a range of different Australian musicians to gauge how they felt about partnering with brands and whether the concept was still considered ‘selling out’.

One artist KLP said, “A lot of bands are realising that they don’t make that much money from selling music, it’s from touring or sync’ing or writing for other people.”

“(Some) will say that a band’s sold out if they’re successful but if they’re successful, they’re just successful and that’s awesome.”

Luke Boerdam, frontman for post-grunge outfit Violent Soho added; “In truth there’s not a lot of difference between taking money from some brand, from taking money from some record label, it’s pretty similar stuff, in some ways it’s better to take it from the brand because you don’t need to pay the money back.”

When right brand and artist are matched the revenue can be a significant boost for struggling artists, but as Kate Miller Heidke said: “In many ways it can be a win-win situation, everyone has their limits and it has to make sense”

“If you’ve still got control over what you do and have a say in what you’re doing it’s great.”

Soundlounge recently released its Music Matters Report, an examination into the relationships between brands, advertising agencies and the music industry.

Our MD, Ruth Simmons, was quoted in the research saying “it could be that the ‘secret’ to finding and using music and sound more effectively is as simple as understanding the process itself through the eyes of all those involved… what they want or expect and how they behave in the process.”

It is this examination that partners the right brands with the right music and the right artists with the right campaigns. Furthermore, it ensures that brands are exposed in a subtle manner and not in a way that would be detrimental to the artist.