Russell Brand has been getting wide spread media attention recently in light of his new book ‘Revolution,’ his involvement in a string of protests and his YouTube show ‘The Trews,’ which has even caused Fox News to dedicate whole segments to him

In a bid to perhaps expand his audience even further, he’s now released a series of children’s books called ‘Trickster Tales,’ starting with ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin.’ In his words, he wants “children to grow up asking more questions, and read stories that make them think”.

Personally, I have always been a fan of Russell as a comedian and an actor, and like many others, have continued to follow him in his involvement in politics. While recently attending his book signing for “The Pied Piper of Hamelin,” I could see that he was genuinely interested to speak to everyone there, of all ages, and took his time to answer questions and even offer advice. Honestly, I have never really kept up with politics and had to be strongly convinced to take part in my first vote as I just didn’t know what was going on. Russell has managed to get Britain’s youth interested in these issues, which can only be a good thing.

After the user-generated Brand version of Blur’s hit ‘Parklife’ went viral last week he has already responded with his own legit version. Could this be the alt Christmas number 1 contender for 2014? If so, would selling it as a single defeat the whole point of what he says about capitalism? Maybe the money goes to charity.

Whatever happens, could this be the first in a spell of music calling for political action in a time where flat, one-dimensional pop music rules the charts? Even if you’re not a fan of Brand and his particular views and opinions, we might be able to thank him in the future for helping rid us of music without a message.

– Elise Tsenti