Christmas gets earlier and earlier every year. Personally, I feel that Xmas ads should follow the rules of the Advent calendar, the first sighting just 25 days before the 25th December.

But the media love a story. So we were advised that we were ‘waiting expectantly for the latest bunch of Christmas commercials’ to hit our screens, speculating what the next John Lewis ad would behold! And then they were finally transmitted on 14th November and there is a flurry of activity from the very people who highlighted their arrival, critiquing the content and voting on which are the worst and the best. The Sun and the Guardian in particular had a lot to say.

Me? I am traditionalist. Christmas come when the Coke lorry comes tinkling around the corner – same music, same visuals – its like getting out all the familiar Christmas baubles that go on the tree every year. There are some things that just get better with age and familiarity.

But for me the person who seems to have encapsulated some of the key objections is Russell Kane and his hilariously sweary rant about it being too early for Christmas. Let me warn you, that this is not for the sensitive or feign hearted, but it is funny.