Thanks to the Gorillaz, the relationship between technology and music is closer than ever, something the Music Supervisors at soundlounge are always keen to hear. The Fall is released April 18th and was composed and recorded on an iPad! A vast array of iPad Apps were used to try to keep the album interesting, so here’s a taster of what’s to come:

Also making headlines recently are the hipster duo Starscream, who have been writing “Chiptune” music for the last few years. Damon Hardjowirogo and George Stroud have found a way of using old electronics, namely the Nintendo Game Boy to create their sound of “new age fun, with a vintage feel”!

Another new music invention that certainly does not have a vintage feel is the Reactable. Currently it’s not available for purchase, but when you’re Bjork getting hold of one is no problem. She uses one of these incredible instruments on her recent tour, and like Bjork, there’s no use trying to describe how to works so here it is live on Jools Holland!

Inventing instruments has obviously been going on since the dawn of music… but it’s not since the 1890s/1900s that electronic music was invented thanks to creations such as the Telharmonium (which inspired the Hammond Organ) and Theremin. During the following few decades many synthesizers were made, one of the most inventive being the Oramics Synthesizer. Daphne Oram developed it in the 1950s while working for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Incredibly, for the time, it was audiovisual in nature – the composer draws onto filmstrips, which generate charges to control amplitude, timbre, frequency, and duration. Check out this trailer for a documentary of Oram’s work.

Click here for an example of Oram’s work, among the works of some of her contemporaries at the time.

So what will the next technological wizardry inspire music-wise? With numerous inventions being displayed and played on Youtube, it’ll no doubt take a well-known artist to bring it to the masses… so we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for the next invention to break into the music scene.

Matt Lee, Music Supervisor