So the ad we all have apparently been waiting for has been released today. I am not sure that I agree with The Guardian that Adam and Eve have written and produced a commercial for John Lewis, that is a metaphor for Donald and Hillary but I watched the commercial this morning and I was quite clearly unhappy and more than a little disturbed.

The music, as usual, is fabulous. The Vaults reinterpretation of Randy Crawford’s ‘One Day I Will Fly Away’ is a dream, but I am speechless as to what the creative teams were thinking when they decided to feature two fox cubs having a great time on a child’s Christmas present and then inviting their mates to join them.

I assume that no-one at the agency or at John Lewis are aware of the dangers of urban foxes who walk around the suburbs of London like they own the place, defecating on gardens, children’s toys and the likes. Before parents can allow their little ones to use a swing or see saw or in this case a trampoline, they have to scrub the surfaces to prevent their kids picking up anything from their furry and often mangy visitors.

Not only do parents have to do some serious cleaning, but keeping the foxes from actually coming into the house is increasingly challenging. They snarl, steal from bins and dig up gardens – ask my husband who had spent the whole weekend planting his bulbs!!

I have to say that the dog jumping is very funny, but come on guys I know that the creative teams at Adam and Eve could have got to Buster on the trampoline with a better and less socially contentious link.

– Ruth Simmons