How do you make your brand sound cool? Well bear with us on this one, but Cracker Jack’D may have cracked it. Irony is a well-loved pastime for every self-respecting hip and trendy millennial. Anything that’s paradoxical, sarcastic, or just plain doesn’t make sense, most of us find irresistible. So, in what could be one of the most harmless rebellious acts of all time, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the rapper-musician duo that rose quickly up the charts, have teamed up with Cracker Jack’D for a series of ultra normal videos.

In one video titled “How to Hold a Cat,” Macklemore picks up a cat and holds it. In another titled “How to Remove Lint,” Mackelmore lightly brushes off his fur coat while Ryan Lewis makes attempts at using a lint roller, but gives up. Both videos are roughly forty seconds and have absolutely nothing to do with Cracker Jack’d. “The essence of Cracker Jack’D, in all of its nine flavour combinations, is it’s a snack that fuels you – and is a catalyst that helps you ‘seize your day’ no matter what life throws at you,” stated Creative Director Keith Goldberg.

As a new brand, you might think that Cracker Jack’d are taking a risk by barely alluding to their product, but maybe the fact that the videos don’t relate to the product at all doesn’t matter. In fact, the product would almost be a distraction from the Pavlovian exercise being employed here; it appears that the only target for the campaign is to achieve a positive association with the brand. As the videos are devoid of anything even mildly entertaining, they’re relying solely on the reputation of the chart-topping duo, which may be a risk too far. It’s a bold move and we like it but it remains to be seen if this most minimal and transparent of campaigns will be successful.

This campaign can be viewed on the Cracker Jack’d Facebook page, YouTube, and