Just when you think music streaming apps have reached the peak of creativity, another app pops up that begs the question “now why didn’t I think of that?” Our learned friends at Hypebot have unearthed a real gem.

Moodsnap, a recent addition to the music streaming world, combines sight and sound by simply asking you to choose from a selection of images then streaming a playlist that corresponds to the selected photo. The image library still has some growing to do but nonethelesss covers a good variety, from a girl in bed on a snowy day to a crowd on a dance floor as well as photos of intimate couples and even a couple staring angrily away from each other (I bet you already have a sense of how that playlist goes!).

After selecting an image, the app works similarly to many others – you can like, dislike, and skip through songs, and Moodsnap gets a better feel for your musical taste the more you utilize it. But there are some fairly unique features in the program as well that could potentially set it apart from the crowd and take it from a novelty to a preferred music streaming option. For one, gone are the days of the simple side-swipe when a tune isn’t doing it for you. Moodsnap gives you the additional options to swipe the song down, which will start a tune with a higher energy level, or slide it up to bring down the energy level of the playlist. Pretty neat, right? Who doesn’t love further customizability on a playlist that’s already doing the hard work for you! Users also have the ability to add tunes to playlists that they feel suit the image, and they receive points and move up in the ranks on the Moodsnap “leaderboard” based on contributions and how many people “like” their tracks when they play! Not to brag or anything, but I’m currently ranking 40th and on the rise…

The final intriguing feature of Moodsnap that poses both advantages and disadvantages is it’s tie-in with Spotify. The downside? You have to be a Spotify Premium subscriber to use the app. But if you are, the relationship between the two programs is pretty convenient. Like a song on Moodsnap? It automatically pops up in a special Spotify playlist for speedy future access. Doesn’t get much easier than that, and it’s a great way to keep track of new music discoveries!

When it comes down to it, there’s no question Moodsnap still has some obstacles to overcome – we wish it were available to everyone, and it’s also only iOS-friendly for the time being – but between the unique concept and advanced features that aim to make music streaming more convenient than ever, we see a lot of potential here for both this particular app and for all developers to build on going forward!