As a brand using music there’s a lot to think about beyond just your music in commercials. Take one look at how much Burberry are getting it right. Apart from releasing a new fragrance, Brit Rhythm, which just sounds awesome on it’s own, they’ve taken full control of all things beauty and business. Most importantly for us though is that they keep using music brilliantly, with every sync and partnership adding to their reputation as champions of British music.

First off they’ve had a busy year with live music. Following on from sponsored gigs with Tom Odell and Jake Bug, the British fashion giant put together a series of gigs in their flagship Regent Street store. Not an ideal venue you might think, well think again! They actually selected the store with this sort of thing in mind; it’s a former cinema, which includes a sort of auditorium, ideal for hosting gigs. That’s the kind of commitment to music that we love!

If you missed those then don’t fear! The brand are hosting three more gigs; in London, New York and Singapore, to jump-start the multi-media campaign for their new fragrance. The campaign stars These New Puritans drummer George Barnett and model Suki Waterhouse. The gigs will be held at ‘unexpected’ venues, which should create a nice buzz and air of mystery around the launch. To attend, you simply need to sign up on and once entered you will receive a scented temporary tattoo of the perfume bottle, that will double as your entrance pass. Snazzy huh?