Music Supervision

Good Music Supervisors understand that to tell a story in sound, it’s as important to have people who understand how music rights work, as well as creative minds to search out the idea.

Music Supervision

Music Supervision is more than providing a list of great songs. It’s a given that the music has to work to picture and support the narrative but it also has to be available and within budget.  It is also advising on when a re-record works better and/or commissioning bespoke compositions

Music Production

soundlounge work with the ‘best in class’ talent based on your budget and time line. We work across all media platforms including commercials, web/mobile videos, feature film, documentaries, TV, music videos, record releases, sponsorship, events and premium tie-ins.

“Finding music is just one part of the equation, finding music that you know and can prove works for the client and brand is another.” 

Rupert Hollier, Creative Director, Metropolis