Nokia Music

One of the beautiful things about today’s music industry is that the ways in which we discover and consume our tunes are just about endless. Take Nokia’s latest endeavor, for instance; Nokia Music and Sony Music Entertainment have joined together to make New York City’s nightclub and concert venue Webster Hall even more musical

Posters, displays, and even stickers located all throughout the venue have been technologically enabled to provide some “take-home” tunes to their visitors as souvenirs from their time at the hall. All that’s required is a tap of the NFC (near field communication) tag or a scan of the QR code, and viola, instant access to unique music mixes! Additional incentives are offered as well, such as a free drink for the first 100 users who grab the mix. The playlists, created by the masters at Sony Music, will be refreshed weekly with new jams. Nokia Lumia owners receive access to additional playlists as well.

As far as original music distribution outlets go, this one certainly makes the list. It’s a cool novelty, sure, and a great memento after a night at the theater, but also another exciting technology advancement that opens yet another door in the industry. “The idea of using posters or point of sale as distribution or discovery points for music really seemed to get people excited,” says Mike Bebel, head of music product at Nokia. “There are so many possibilities.”

Naturally, the challenge that comes along with new music distribution and discovery outlets is increased difficulty when it comes to standing out amongst all the noise. But it seems Nokia has been smart and strategic here by beginning with just one venue that is sure to be consistently swarming with music fans, and making the common concept of specialized playlists just a little bit cooler by providing them in a unique way.