Professional musicians and songwriters have an innate talent for making connections and distilling a message into its essence. They are often dreamers and visionaries who operate on an emotional level – natural catalysts for expressing complex social issues in contemporary voice.

For the rest of us music is something that we often take for granted. We listen to it for personal pleasure as a way of expressing our inner most feelings and thoughts and change our mood.

When selecting music, we know somewhere in our professional capacity at work in an ad agency or as music supervisors, how music can be used to provide shortcuts for advertisers to sell product by touching emotional buttons. The truth is that our response to music is primal, initiated when we are in the womb, when we responded to the beat of our mother’s heart. Our responses to music are from deep in our psyche, But, do we realise that music can actually saves lives and families?

Nordoff Robbins is the Music Industry Charity which does such amazing work that I don’t know where to start describing what they do.

Cutting to the chase, watch #EviesStory and if you have the time, watch a few of the other case histories. It’s almost impossible not to engage at all levels with the stories that are being told. Watching these films, we see how music has a deep and profound effect on peoples’ lives in so many ways.

I have worked with this charity on and off, but when I stumbled across this video in my mailbox I knew that I had to share this with you all. The films, and the work that Nordoff Robins does, are truly inspirational and humbling. The films truly embodies the power of music to connect.