Choosing music playlists for the retail environment is a sophisticated process which needs a bespoke approach that works for the brand

Retail Playlists

Many retail stores use music with the ambition of creating an engaging environment. But have you ever walked out of a store because the music is wrong? You are not alone – as many as 4 out of 5 customers report that they have done the same.  The smart retailer today understands just how the right music playlist can create a point of differentiation that positions them as the go-to destination for their target market.

With internet shopping being so seductively easy, the challenge for our retail clients is to ensure that the in-store experience remains compelling enough to get the consumer offline and into the shops. soundlounge work with each individual retailer to create bespoke playlists that reflect the stores personality and create a point of difference on the high street between you and your competitors.

Read how we turned a 75% walkout rate into additional sales here.

“soundlounge’s pioneering new technologies will enable everyone involved in the creative and sync licensing process to realise its untapped potential and produce better results for both rights holder and rights user.”

Will Page, Director of Economics, Spotify