A real piece of solid sound strategy from German rail company Deutsche Bahn.  The company have been exploring the many possibilities of sound branding over the last year, even releasing a video explaining the many processes that they have undergone, in order to create what they describe as their ‘corporate sound.’

This sound is inextricably linked to the organisation’s core offering. For example their sound identity relates to a beating rhythm much like that of most public transport systems.

In order to create further synergy here, the company translated the letters ‘D’ and ‘B’, which form their logo, into music on a song-sheet.

Nice touch guys.

This was then used to create a sound logo (much like Intel has) that plays out across all of their marketing communication and even as their ‘hold music’ for customer service calls and is available as a ringtone.

Deutsche Bahn has created sound branding guidelines, much like other areas of brand design have, in order to ensure that there is a consistency in the output of their marketing material throughout the entire global enterprise.

Ruth Simmons CEO of soundlounge“A really great piece of sound branding for Deutche Bahn, It is comprehensive and with the sound branding guidelines, it means that everyone  and anyone in the future involved in any music or sound for this brand knows what is expected, just the way they know how visuals work