Strategy & Sound Branding

Sound Branding means that everything the consumer knows and understands about the brand is reflected in what they hear across every medium

Strategy & Sound Branding

Brands who consistently use music that resonates with consumers have a sound strategy – a well thought out and documented approach, going beyond a one-off campaign idea and execution to an integrated longer-term strategy for all uses of their music. These brands understand from the get-go what, why and how music will work for them before they get into last minute decisions in the editing suite!

The soundlounge approach is to encourage conversations about the way that sound connects with customers and to move the talk from the theory to practical. Our services include consultancy, educational workshops, asset assessment management and evaluation, through music supervision to bespoke production and procurement. It means ensuring that what customers already know and understand about the brand is reflected in what they hear.

“soundlounge’s thinking on sound of the brand – radical common sense”

John Bartle, CBE, Founding Partner BBH