Lynx (or Axe if you’re in the US) have announced they want to shed their ‘tacky image’ and be considered more grown up. Which made me wonder whether it’s as easy as that comment suggests it is.

Lynx have built a very strong brand image for the best part of a decade, celebrating lad culture and pushing themselves towards the younger end of the market. The new Lynx Man is an older, more sophisticated user.

A re-brand/re-image like this is a tough ask; there is a lot of history attached to Lynx and its products. To be successful they need us – the audience – to rethink how we perceive them. Will they be successful? Looking at the few who have managed to do this in the past, ‘probably not’ is the answer.

As a music consultancy we always ask for historical facts and figures about the brands we work with. A brand’s history and image is as important as the brief for the current campaign. One can very much influence the other and the latest Lynx commercial after the re-brand is a great example of this.

The new Lynx Black ad focuses less on gratuitous images of women in not a lot of clothes and more on very high (and some might even say ‘arty’) imagery and rounds it off with a choral rendition of Guns N Roses’ hit ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. To me this is a very interesting way of trying to marry the old and new images of the product in one go. Take a very ‘masculine’ but also somewhat dated track and change it into something new and that much more ‘now’. Marry it to very vibrant, ultra-modern imagery and you have something that plays on its history whilst trying to be something new.

The jury is still out on whether this will be successful or not, and will depend greatly on the quality of the product itself – a great ad campaign can only do so much. But when trying to re-shape things in this way, the subtle use of music can go a long way toward success.