In less than three months a music video released by Columbian popstar Shakira, and sponsored by Activia yoghurt, has become the ‘most shared internet commercial’ in history according to Unruly.

The video for song La La La (Brazil 2014) is part of an increasing number of brand and music partnerships being referred to as ‘trackvertising’.

Activia does not play a particularly prominent part in the video other than during the opening credits where a message is displayed saying ‘Shakira & Activia together supporting the World Food Programme, providing school meals for children in need.’

The 2014 World Cup anthem beat a 2011 Volkswagen Super Bowl advert to the number one spot having been shared across social media and the blogosphere 5,375,756 times.

Unruly’s co-founder Sarah Wood said: “As brands struggle to win attention amid the content clutter, this milestone ad shows how innovative strategies and creative collaborating can engage a target audience at speed and scale.”

“Music videos are by far the most-shared type of content, so it’s no surprise that brands are now blurring the lines between traditional ads and music videos in order to get themselves seen and heard on social.”

Many critics have suggested that Shakira recently topping the ‘most liked celebrities on Facebook’ list assisted the campaign, exposing Activia to over 100 million people who regularly visit her social media page.