When we think of our five senses, sight instantly comes to mind as being the most important. We’re not the only ones who think that; brands all over the world rely heavily on sight with the use of large, captivating logos, with varieties of colors. However, what was not only forgotten by majority of brands but also thought of as less important was audio. We are constantly told what to take away from the things we see however, there is something humbling about audio because of how subjective it remains in this visually driven society.

Over the past 40 years, Tony Hertz, radio guru and founder of Hertz Radio, has travelled to 36 countries to giving lectures and conducting workshops informing people how important audio is. “Hearing is the first sense that develops in a human being. A fetus can hear at 12 weeks in the womb, before it can see, smell or touch. The bond between the mother and the child develops first through…” Just like seeing, hearing influences our opinions, thoughts, and feelings, without us even realizing it.

Hertz gave an example of music normally played in coffee shops. When you sit down after receiving your coffee, do you even notice the music in the background? Most coffee shops just pop in any old CD they find or whatever is on the radio. However, according to Hertz, it’s very important that they are selective of the music the staff plays in order to inflict a certain mood within the customers. “There had been experiments in restaurants where they played different kinds of music, and the kind of music played affected how much money people spent. Simply, if it’s the right music, people will stay…”

Think about it, there are no two companies with the same logo, right? Why is it then that companies do not put that amount of creativeness in the audio they make public? Hertz gave a thought provoking example of the voice response messages of the Philippines’ six biggest banks and compared them. “They sounded like one bank. They all have the same kind of accent, the same rhythm, and they are saying the same thing. If you say to those banks that their logo looks exactly like another bank’s, they’d be horrified…” When I think of a brand possibly stumbling across their logo used elsewhere, it reminds me of a girl wearing the same prom dress as another; ultimately ending in disaster and a lot of crying.

Imagine if simply the music played at a coffee shop would make you stay longer, or the loud noises of the door closing on a car could make you want to buy that car? As the industry is becoming more established each day, companies are starting to notice the important of audio branding and how to engage their customers with emotion. Tony Hertz is continuing to make this a known and considered aspect of branding because it is dire to connecting with customers.