PPL has this week released new guidelines aimed at encouraging gyms to ensure that the music that they play in their clubs is correctly licensed.

The music rights organisation has been pushing various health and fitness trade bodies to ensure that their members music is correctly licensed after an investigation recently found that many fitness centres lacked understanding in the area and correct licenses.

Mark Steel, Tariff Development Executive at PPL said: “PPL [now] licenses the fitness industry for the use of music in two ways; firstly and importantly, for the use of music in fitness classes, and also as background music for use in fitness centres.”

“It’s a big transformation for the industry and has involved a lot of changes to business models, but it’s provided a clear means for people within the industry to use music the way they want to.”

“People recognise that it is important that they purchase a PPL licence because then the performers and record companies are paid fairly, but also it means that those instructors and centres can gain the benefit of using original artist music in their classes”.